What Is the Definition of eCommerce? -

What Is the Definition of eCommerce?

With the rise in popularity of utilizing the internet as a resource for business transactions, many types of eCommerce have developed. Though the vast array of the world wide web was initially a modicum of information, it has turned into a sprawling enterprise over the course of a couple decades. Such an astonishing advancement has never been seen before, and it is unlikely that it will ever been witnessed again. Several fruitful enterprises have developed through the medium of the internet, but eCommerce is certainly the one with the most influence and power. This usage of the online medium has only escalated in appeal and popularity, making it the biggest trend in the business world to date. So, what exactly is eCommerce?

Denotative & Connotative Distinctions for eCommerce

When it comes to a dictionary definition of a word, the audience is often left feeling like something is missing. The word is there, alongside its part of speech, and the definition is undoubtedly present, but the scene seems to be lacking. What people want out of a definition often is much more than a simple straightforward response. They want to know what it means specifically, but they also want to know what it means to the populace. eCommerce is one such definitive word that requires a bit more than the denotative definition in order to prompt legitimate understanding. The buying and selling of goods and services over an electronic network leaves something to be desired, which is the connotative definition. eCommerce, connotatively, means shopping and trading, supporting local or small businesses, reaching a whole new demographic. There is so much more to eCommerce than can be conveyed through a simple definition.

What Is eCommerce?

eCommerce stands for electronic commerce, wherein the term “electronic” refers to the usage of the internet and the term “commerce” is a catch-all for financial exchanges. This trendy new addition to the English language could technically just be a broad and generic term for all online transactions, but it tends to represent something more specific than that. eCommerce is not just business-to-business or business-to-consumer transactional exchanges of monetary value for goods or services. eCommerce refers to an entire business industry being built from the ground up in a remarkable display of capitalistic power. This space is a niche market for entrepreneurs, independents, and people who are capable of carving their mark in uncharted territory.

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The History of eCommerce

Though it has only recently become the revolutionary giant of the business industry that it is today, eCommerce as a concept has been around for decades. Since the 1960s, an electronic data interchange has been in the works, but it did not amass enough popularity to support it until the invention and citizen-availability of the internet in the 1990s. The most notable online businesses started as simply and easily as can be, with Jeff Bezos operating Amazon out of his garage and eBay hinging on a Beanie Babies fad. Because of the advent of social media and cellular devices capable of accessing the internet, it is simultaneously much easier and much harder for a business to gain popularity through an eCommerce medium. There are far more opportunities for success, chances to get noticed, and prospective customers to entice, but at the same time, online businesses have to deal with far more competition than any other business niche has ever experienced. Nowadays, you have sites like Facebook indirectly contributing to the potentialities, with up to 85% of eCommerce sales tying back to the ever-popular social media site. eCommerce is a fluid and dynamic niche that offers more opportunities than ever before.


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