The Best Tools to Increase your Online Store’s Conversion Rates

19 May , 2017 News

The Best Tools to Increase your Online Store’s Conversion Rates

Months have passed since you opened your online store, you have lots of traffic, but no one is buying your products. What’s the use of having all that traffic yet not converting? Here are some of the best tools that will help increase and optimize your online store’s conversion rates;


Some online shoppers abandon their shopping carts after having added items on them. The thing is most of these shoppers are highly potential customers, but for some reason, are not able to convert into paying customers. Rejoiner is eCommerce software that helps you recover these types of shoppers.

This tool has a 14-day free trial offer giving you enough time to test out its efficiency and effectiveness in retrieving customers. It’s a simple and straightforward concept, which involves capturing email information of shoppers who have abandoned their carts, and sending them reminders of the same.

With Rejoiner, you can set up several emails configuring the duration to send the emails after shopping cart abandonment. It supports most eCommerce platforms. All you have to do is to download the plugins and easily integrate it with your online store. In case your shopping cart software does not support the plugins, you can integrate it using their detailed developer documentation.

Its comprehensive dashboard shows different statistics such as abandoned carts, the rate of abandon, the rate of opened emails, cart details, etc. You can use this data to measure the effectiveness of your client recovery campaign and adjust as you like.

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Conversions on Demand

This tool offers non-conventional ways of recovering shopping carts while preventing abandonment. Its cart abandonment prevention tools aims to keep your shoppers from abandoning their carts way before they think to do so through;

  • The Cart Closer – prevents cart abandonment
  • Time2Buy – motivates customers to place their orders
  • Email Catapult – recovers shopping carts through emails
  • Daily Deal Bar – quickly creates deals.


You know that reviews and testimonials carry a lot of weight in affecting rates of conversions. Most shoppers will go for products with the most positive reviews and testimonials as they increase their confidence to make purchases. With Yopto, you will be able to deal with your site testimonials and product reviews socially through sending your shoppers emails after a purchase asking them to make reviews of the purchased product.

It has many widgets you can place on your online store to display shoppers’ reviews. The best part is it integrates with Facebook and Twitter giving you the opportunity to post reviews across all social network platforms. If configured, you can even limit reviews to positive posts only.

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